Upcoming Screenings

Thursday May 15th, 9pm
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DVD Launch of Infest Wisely
After being screened across the continent, Infest Wisely returns to Toronto with a screening and DVD launch at The Royal (608 College St.). $10 admission, $15 for admission and a DVD.
Friday, September 23rd
The Canadian Premiere of Infest Wisely
The Vancouver International Digital Festival, with the intriguing catchline of "reminiscing about the future," is hosting the Canadian premiere of "Infest Wisely" at Vancity Theatre (1181 Seymour, 4pm, $10). Writer and co-producer Jim Munroe will be presenting it.
Friday, August 3rd
Las Vegas
The World Premiere of Infest Wisely
Defcon 15, the world's largest hacker convention, is hosting the world premiere of Infest Wisely at The Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Producers Craig Macnaughton and Jim Munroe will be presenting it.
Tuesday, July 10th
The Internets

BitTorrent Used to Distribute Infest Wisely
The BitTorrent version of Infest Wisely is released, a 700MB
high-resolution .AVI file with XVID compression suitable for full screen viewing. BitTorrent is a filesharing protocol that works on a
many-hands-make-light-work principle, not unlike why we had seven directors.

Tuesday May 22
The Internets
Weekly Episodic Release of Infest Wisely Begins
The first of the seven episodes that make up lo-fi sci-fi movie INFEST WISELY was released today for podcast and in-browser viewing. "Obsolete" (13:32, dir. Jon Sasaki) introduces Digger, a hacker whose psychological aversion to the Internets is so strong he's turned to mugging ATMs for money. The story will continue on each Tuesday until all seven episodes are online.
Friday May 18th, 7pm
Innis Town Hall
2 Sussex Ave.
University of Toronto
(1 block south of
St. George TTC Station)
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Special Advance Screening
For $5 you can be one of the first to preview INFEST WISELY on the big screen, and we've got lots of fun stuff planned: you will not go away empty handed. It's generously sponsored by, and

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