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Director's Commentary
The filmmakers reveal do-it-yourself tips and tricks on how they shot the movie for $700.

The Journey of the Fake ATM Machine
Rose Bianchini made this mini-doc that answers the burning question: What ever happened to that ATM machine in "Obsolete"?

Nanite Buttons
These button designs, taken from the presentation in "Orientated", were illustrated and designed by Craig Macnaughton and given out at the Toronto sneak preview screening. [download PSD]

Sprites Gum
At the Toronto sneak preview screening attendees of that screening also were given an "Early Adopter" stick of gum and advised "not to ingest it until after the screening, for legal reasons." Designed by Craig Macnaughton. [download EPS]

"No Nanos" MP3
The punk song from "Spawning Rebellion." Vocals: Troy Jackson. Music: Joel S. Silver and Chris McCawley. Words: Jim Munroe. Because we know you'll want to sing along:

Get out of our bodies / you sneaky parasite / if you think we’re your new home / you’re in for a fight! Our leaders and rulers our rights have traded / but I’m fuckin human and I won’t be upgraded!

Digger Stencil
The white stencil of Digger appearing in "Sublime Algorithm" was created by Toronto stencil artist posterchild.

Fake Ad
Marc Ngui created this spot-on ad in "Leveller" for a franchise most Canadians will recognize.

Alternate Preview Screening Poster
An alternate preview screening poster by Terry Lau. [download PDF]

Alternate "Infest Wisely" Poster
An alternate movie poster by Craig Macnaughton. [download PDF]